Monday, August 7, 2017

Dining on 14th Street in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a very strange city. We were on 14th street today, dining; there are many cafes and eateries frequented mostly by locals. The French restaurant we ate in was packed at 3 p.m. We were able to people-watch while we dined but the diversity of characters Democrats pride on was quite unsettling.

There was a "community day" one street over - no community I would ever want to be a part of;  the people milling at that event were young and old, dressed in 60s flower power outfits, with bongo drums, dreadlocks, and other bizarre outfits and hats.

Young women in the street were dressed in skimpy outfits like hookers; others wore rompers like toddlers, showing too much buttocks and most of their fake breasts. Some women were pretending to be clothed in dresses that were split to their private parts, or just-kidding skimpy skirts and tops showing their underwear and bras. 

Metrosexual-looking men were wearing pants and shirts two sizes too small or wife-beater black shirts with strange-looking shorts that appeared to have been shrunk in the wash. Most of them were latching their bikes to poles in the street like the good environmental commies that they are.

There was a strong presence of millennials with their heavily tattooed and pierced bodies. When the occasional, normally dressed Americans strolled by with their children, you knew they were out-of-towners visiting the big metropolis.

At the other extreme were women clad in 7th century black tents, covered to their eyeballs, running in packs of four with one husband herding them ahead, lest they got lost.

These people are helping run our country? God have mercy on us!

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