Monday, July 17, 2017

Kitty Litter Trivia

A little trivia about kitty litter:

18-year old Bogart
In 1954 Edward Lowe from Cassopolis, Michigan, started selling his Kitty Litter clay pellets invention to grocery stores around the country. It was an instant success. Until then cats were doing their business in smelly sand boxes.

Lowe tried to sell his clay pellets to chicken farmers who used hay to line the chicken cages but he failed because clay pellets were much more expensive than hay.

One day his neighbor ran out of sand for her outdoor cat sand box and asked for some sand. Ed gave her a bag of his clay pellets instead.

His product, kitty litter, became an over 100 million dollar company and cats were invited in and became the number one indoor pet, outpacing dogs.
Thanks to Lowe's invention, I can keep my beloved pet, Bogart, indoors.

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