Sunday, March 5, 2017

Paul Blumstein's Argument Why Politics Does Not Belong in Science

From an email from my friend, Paul Blumstein, posted with his permission:

"My background is in science. Around 1960, my uncle gave me a large box full of Scientific Americans he had saved from the fifties. I binge-read every issue!

When I had a source of income, I subscribed to Scientific American, Popular Science, Popular Electronics and Science News. Much later, I added Wired.

A number of years ago, I began noticing that some articles in Scientific American were colored by politics. That is not what science is supposed to be about. I went to the masthead and saw that John Rennie was the Editor in Chief. It didn’t take long for me to discover that he was a member of the CFR: a globalist political organization. I didn’t renew.

Lately, I’ve become more and more miffed about articles in Wired. They have become blatantly political. I’m not miffed because it has different political opinions than I do: when I read a science/technology magazine, I expect to find science/technology articles. There are way too many political opinions all around us hitting us in the face. When I want politics, I want to go to it, not have it come to me.

My subscription ends February 2018 so I called Wired and said “please cancel.” They said that I took out the subscription with Amazon and had to cancel through them. So, I went to Amazon to discover that in 2015, I paid for a one year auto-renew subscription. It was very easy to cancel and get a refund. It even had an optional comment box to let the publisher know why I canceled.

Politics does not belong in Science. Be careful of the things you read because it may be influenced by politics."

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  1. Comment from reader cam39470:

    It is shameful the way politics has insinuated itself into many irrelevant situations and stories. This is the "career politician" mindset which acts to make itself seem "needful" and "indispensable." Apparently it works to garner money that is simply given to the participants of "career politics." It works for organizations to solicit funds while appearing needful...such as the NAACP for example and the United Nations...they work hard to justify their continued existence and income; the career politician is most obvious about that and if we don't get some "term limits" this will continue to pull our nation down. Nobody needs to be involved in politics a lifetime! There is no justification to insinuate their way into every branch of life while all the time making the same old speech about "new schools, new roads, new businesses for jobs and so on. We get our bellies full of this from the local mayors and governors and all other local politicians who insist on keeping their hands in the pockets of simpletons.

    PS: Since President Trump told IRS not to collect for Obamacare that should include to NOT penalize those who didn't buy into this medical insurance "swindle."