Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Truth about Syria - A Letter from Someone Born There

This is a letter from a lady who was born in Aleppo, Syria. She plans to write her memoirs soon. She wishes to remain anonymous for now.

"I was born in Aleppo and was there in 2010.  The economy was better than it was here (after 2 years of Obama), people were happy, the place was hopping with tourists, couldn’t get into the shops in the souks as they were packed.  When I went to restaurants the owners would come and sit with me to say that President and Asma Assad had dined at that table (pointing to a nearby table) 2 weeks ago/last month/ a few days ago. The story was always the same, they walked in without secret service, sat in the main dining room, refusing a private room, they got up and talked to other diners.  Tourists were thrilled because Asma came up to them while they were visiting some of the ruins and welcomed them to her country.  Contrary to what Obama and the main stream media tell us, he was popularly elected and he is a popular president.  
He never did gas his people, nor did he bomb his people nor did he destroy irreplaceable historic sites.  ISIS burned the Aleppo Souks and said Assad did it and that’s what the media reported.  They burned and destroyed libraries full of original manuscripts dating back over millennia and blamed Assad for it.  ISIS gassed children and blamed Assad for it.  Even though the UN found no evidence of Assad’s involvement, the media continues to misreport that story.  These were all lies and even though they have been debunked, the media keeps repeating it. Americans keep believing it.   
Assad would not allow the U.S. and Qatar to build a pipeline through his country.  He would not roll over for them and stood strong FOR his country.  He put Syria first, just like Trump is putting America first.  With the whole world against him, he stood firm and refused to abandon his constituents.  The only people who assisted him were Iran and Russia and of course that was cause for the U.S. to have a fit of the vapors and further demonize him.  

By the way, Obama and Hillary funded the “moderate rebels” (a.k.a. ISIS and other terrorists groups, mostly illegal aliens and NOT Syrians) with the intention of realizing their goal of regime change.  Think about it, if the Syrians wanted Assad gone, he would have been gone a long time ago.  Syrians have a long history of staging successful coups.

If you want to understand the war in Syria, I highly recommend you watch this video. We have to tell the truth.  We deserve it."  

I wrote to this friend. I was not surprised by what I read. I have been suspicious for a very long time on the treatment of Assad. No Sharia there because both Assad and his wife are well educated.
I received this response:

"Assad has protected minorities and continues to do so.  My brother died last January.  He was my last relative in Syria.  He refused to leave.  I used to talk to him and get stories of what was going on.  My connections now are through my sister who remains in touch with people there. There are so many stories that the MSM would never tell you.  Here is one of them.  There are a lot of Christian churches and cathedrals of all denominations in Aleppo. One of the cathedrals is within walking distance of the hotel.  At the beginning of the war, the terrorists started vandalizing churches.  At Christmas (2011/12) Assad sent his army to Aleppo, to clear the thugs out of the cathedral and they stood guard outside so the Christians could attend Mass on Christmas Eve without fear of being attacked or shelled. Wolf Blitzer called Assad a butcher. There are so many similar stories."

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I've long suspected this to be the case. It fits in with the Arab Spring hoax. America and others are helping to expand the caliphate.