Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Smart Meters and Shopping

Samples of Smart Meters
I went shopping today for a pair of pants. I was hoping it would only take a few minutes. How difficult could that be in the land of plenty? As I entered the large department store, I was greeted by stifling heat and humidity. This particular department store chain uses smart meters, cycled and controlled by the power company from a remote location in order to “save” them money. Customers and employees suffer because a small group of elites have managed to convince and bribe bureaucrats and politicians into pushing the agenda of non-existent global warming.

Driving to the mall, I rolled my eyes as the radio announced that today is an all-day power cycling for those with smart meters who have signed up to reduce their electricity cost. This means no air conditioning when it’s 100 plus degrees Fahrenheit with the heat index.

Those who think they are saving electricity and suffer in the hot days of summer and cold days of winter to “save the planet” from some apocalyptic disaster are actually charged higher rates compared to those who use more electricity. Credulous individuals who have bought the global warming nonsense and Gaia worship are actually helping power companies. Utilities don’t have to buy or build facilities to store excess power during times of peak usage. It is all about making money, not about saving the planet.

The associates, a fancy euphemism for a salesperson, were milling about hot and sweaty, seemingly in a state of melting, totally uninterested in helping me. I made eye contact with several people, and nobody offered to help. Why would they? They are paid a basic salary whether they try very hard or not at all. It reminded me of the communist workers’ motto, “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.”

Salespeople in this area of northern Virginia are mostly foreigners who have immigrated to the United States, legally or illegally, for the opportunity of a better life. Sadly though, they’ve brought with them the customs and work ethic of their former third world dictatorships they’ve escaped. They are content with mall wages (previously the place for summer jobs of college students) because, by any comparison with their countries, working conditions and the hourly pay are far superior. Many of them qualify for and receive welfare and Obamacare subsidies and are none too shy to apply and accept them. If the crazy Gringos are passing out leaflets in Spanish teaching them how to do it, why not take advantage of free money?

I finally found someone who relented to help me but she was struggling with the cash register and the simple mathematical calculation. By now sweating profusely and feeling sorry for the frustrated salesclerk, I gave up and left without purchasing anything. I was in terrible need of a cold glass of water.

In a different department store where employees speak English well, are polite and eager to help because they are paid on commission, I am greeted friendly as soon as I set foot in the door and a sales associate guides me in the right direction immediately. The store is comfortably cool.

It is the difference between night and day, between a business run on the capitalist model and a business run and staffed on the socialist model where nobody cares if customers are helped, merchandise is snagged from your hands if you do not make up your mind quickly, and clothes cannot be tried on or returned for hygienic and sanitary reasons.

I understand the sanitary part. It may not be such a bad idea since we live in an area with a high population of illegal immigrants who were not checked for communicable diseases like scabies and parasites like lice and bed bugs when they invaded our border.

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