Saturday, October 16, 2010

PC in Life

I always found politics boring. I am a typical American who loathes the deceptiveness and hypocrisy of Washington. If a person fails at anything else, he/she can still go into politics. It does not require a high I.Q., college education, or a blue blood background - just street smarts, cunning, a lot of money, donated through legal or illegal means, perhaps a vast personal fortune, and the ability to persuade voters that he/she is the best candidate for ANY job, even a snow job. An honest, poor individual stands a very slim chance at making it in public "service." I never understand why it is called service since nobody really serves its constituents once in office, only their own interests and the advancement of their careers.

Politics has a price directly related to the self-importance of the politician and the hierarchy of public office. Morally speaking, the price of politics is sometimes one's lost soul.

It is hard to stomach politicians dodge questions artfully, while deceiving and covering illegal deeds and shady shenanigans. To an outsider, it looks like all politicians attend the same grooming school of artful dodging, misrepresentation, and purposeful deception via ridiculous rhetorical euphemisms and seldom fulfilled promises.

It is so painful to watch politicians lie, cheat, claw, and steal their supremacy to seats of power, leveraging friends, family, acquaintances, fortunes for the chance to make a pact with the devil. They don't mind throwing their parents, wives, and children under the bus if it helps them gain few votes. A secret handshake, an empty promise, a check pressed against sweaty palms during a handshake, a free golf trip in an exotic location, perks a la Nancy Pelosi on the government or privately owned luxury jets, jaunts in exotic locations, buyouts, financial swaps, all in the name of representing the downtrodden who have a hard time finding or keeping a job, feeding their children, keeping their homes.

Politicians tend to deliver on promises to the very poor by offering them a nanny existence from cradle to grave, assuring perpetual poverty and dependence on the mighty government who, through its largess, enslaved them in perpetuity for a measly vote. This vote will always be there, even after they passed away. Generations of Democrats create a tradition of poverty in the slums.

Everything in life IS political: education, religion, military, employment, government, medicine, clubs, housing, marriage, family, etc. It starts before a child is old enough to talk - parents manipulate the system to make sure their progeny is accepted in the best day care and pre-school. God forbid they should attend public schools, they are doomed!

Admission to Ivy League schools is often based on a family's tradition of attendance; the student might be weaker, but the family's blue blood past and financial contributions to the alumni fund are stellar. Preferences are even given to minorities over better qualified and scored students. Quotas and Affirmative Action are a political method to level the playing field and soothe the conscience of the trust-funded. After all, it is "social justice," a code word for communism. Politics is thus controlling who can and cannot attend institutions of higher learning. As the government has taken over student loans, the control over university attendance will become more and more politicized, to the disadvantage of the more conservative students. Preference will be given to liberal students and to those who are registered Democrats or contribute heavily to Democratic causes.

Hiring and tenuring of faculty is political - liberals always get promoted first, the darlings of the administration; conservatives are often denied tenure. Spouses of sought-after professors are hired over much better prepared applicants. Union hacks and College of Education ideologues with thin resumes and easy degrees such as Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, and Women's Studies are the darlings of the conference circuit and professorial committees. The more controversial and outrageous a professor's class, the more beloved, prestigious, and higher salaried they became. Graduate school teaching assistantships tend to go to foreigners, particularly in science where the language barrier creates a problem for tuition paying Americans who expect clear and precise English language delivery of lectures. It is expected politically to favor those who are here illegally and are sub-standard students. Their mere presence expiates all the perceived wrongs committed in the past by previous generations of Americans against poor, unfortunate souls, whoever they may be. The responsibility of such wrongs does not have an expiration date, each new generation of Americans must be made financially responsible for the sins of the past.

Religion is particularly difficult to climb into the ranks of power. The politics are evil, corrupt, and down right mean. Members of a congregation cause hurt and pain to many people during the week, but pretend to be good and pray on weekends. Somehow, all the sins of the week are washed away by the goodness of attending church on Sunday and filling the coffers of the church. Teenage and out of wedlock motherhood are praised, celebrated, and encouraged in the name of political correctness.

Military members rise to the ranks of power through family tradition, quota system, affirmative action, nepotism, manipulation, protege status, and dirty maneuvering. PC has put in danger the lives of many a soldiers, yet few are complaining in the halls of power. Complain and your career is dead.

Employment is seldom based on merit. Connections, luck, education, experience, nepotism, personality traits, talent or lack thereof, being in the right place at the right time, good looks, dressing well are some of the variables that come into play when successfully gaining employment. Being deceptive, blackmailing, using sex as a weapon, bribery, cheating on tests, are acceptable political maneuvers to get a desired job.

A hospital is a microcosm of politicians vying for a larger slice of the political pie - better working conditions, better pay, better benefits, sex with doctors and nurses, access to drugs, no accountability when life and death mistakes are made, perks to exotic locations conferences, and yearly promotions. How many times are politicians held responsible down the road, years after they've exited public office, for the disastrous policies they've voted for, which have impoverished and destroyed the lives of many generations of Americans? How many doctors are held responsible or even care what happens to their patients once they leave the hospital? Yes, we have lawyers, but try to sue a doctor for malpractice and see how successful you are. The politics of legal precedent get in the way.

The competition for government positions is cut-throat but less visible than the fight for a political post. Politicians fight in full public view - their laundry is aired every day and skeletons uncovered, unless they are the darlings of the communist media, in that case, they can do no wrong, everything is glossed over or ignored. In government, careers can literally be made or destroyed overnight with one mistaken decision. Employees use the media to advance their agendas the same way politicians and actors do but less visibly.

Club membership is very political and elitist at the same time. Even presidents or heads of state can be denied membership in such rarefied environments. The name of Ronald Reagan comes to mind, he was denied membership in a prestigious golf club. Private clubs can certainly deny access to anybody they wish without really stating a reason for such denial. Using huge annual fees that are prohibitive to most people is another way in which "undesirables" are kept away. Public clubs cannot exclude people, at least on the surface.

Housing is a communist commune which has HOAs with complex rules of residence, behavior, maintenance, expensive fees, and arcane rules and regulations, which can exclude many people. Political boards can refuse any person they wish to keep away from their neighborhood. Even flying the American flag can rub a resident alien the wrong way and it has to disappear. We no longer cater to the majority but to a very strange, leftist minority with an anti-American agenda. I am not sure when the switch occurred, but it is here to stay, like the tentacles of an octopus that embeds each razor sharp tooth into the skin of the nation.

The politics of family are as varied as are the families in the U.S. Everybody has a strange aunt, a weird parent, an estranged wild child, a libidinous cousin, a curmudgeon grandparent, and a favorite or disliked yearly event that they must attend in order to keep peace and harmony. We cannot pick and choose who our relatives are or how they behave publicly and privately. We love to hate them or hate to see them even once a year, it takes a lot of strength to pretend otherwise. Publicly, they are the best relatives or the best family on the planet. And that is political astuteness to lie with a straight and confident face.

Marriage is more difficult to describe as politics, but it is. It is a contract between two people who know full well they are going to violate it at some point, yet they go ahead and swear on the proverbial Bible that they will represent the will of the people, in this case, the two married people, until Death do them part.

Justice is a political sport, opponents jousting for the truth yet employing only half-truths in the process, bogus science, manipulated statistics, false testimony, and fake court briefs or "amicus curiae." Judges are very much political appointees or politically elected. Justice is no longer blind and no longer balanced.

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