Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fidel Castro and His MSM Sycophants

Fidel Castro Visiting the United States in 1959
Photo: Wikipedia
Forbes estimated Fidel Castro’s wealth at $900 million while the country he ruled with an iron fist, 11.39 million people, lived in poverty and dignified squalor under his boot. The deceased “El Comandante” Castro left behind a huge fortune, a private island called Caya Piedra, mansions, a marina with his private yacht called Aquarama, bank accounts, an alleged gold mine, and thousands of worthless Marxist speeches.

Celebrity guests who have enjoyed Castro’s lavish hospitality on the island of Caya Piedra included the Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the French underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau. Nothing but the best for western elitist visitors, they were never taken to the slums where Cubans were forced to live, playing dominoes and making beautiful music to soothe their trapped bodies and souls.

Why God would keep such an evil man alive to the ripe old age of 90 is a mystery. The longer he lived, the more people he tortured and kept chained to his utopian idea of how God’s free people should live.

Castro enslaved and oppressed his people for 59 years while giving them speeches about the wonders of Marxism and the evils of capitalism. He tortured and killed an estimated 15,000 of his own citizens who dared to object to his proletariat hell.

The lucky ones escaped to Miami and made a good life for themselves, others drowned at sea in ingenious and desperate makeshift vessels, trying to flee this Marxist paradise that kept them in chains spiritually, economically, ideologically, and physically.

After decades of brainwashing, Castro created a perfect police state of fear and terror, run by his henchmen, loyal to his failed ideology that rewarded only the top elites running this beautiful island. Evidence that this man was insane surfaced early in 1959 when he appeared in pajamas on black and white American television in his first public appearance in an interview with Edward R. Morrow.

The main stream media liberals who adore dictators were quick to sing his praises, ignoring the glaring reality of his Marxism that ruined the lives of countless millions, stealing their potential wealth and any opportunity of a good life. Even “60 minutes” mentioned in its short biopic that he had brought education and medical care to his people. He did bring schooling of the Marxist indoctrination type and medical care for sniffles. Why have Fidel Castro and his family sought the best doctors, hospitals, and medical care in the U.S. and Spain instead of the clinics and hospitals in his own country?

The media is lauding and glorifying the killer Castro who has imprisoned other humans for their divergent political views, their faith which contradicted Castro’s atheism, and left many of his people on a starvation diet. If the MSM loves what Castro did for his people, why don’t they move to Cuba and seek medical treatment there?

Today the liberals in the media and academia are just plain communists disguising their communism under the euphemistic term of “progressives.” There is nothing progressive about forcing everybody under totalitarian government control without any possibility of choice and free will. It is regressive to control people to such an extent that they cannot leave their own country to pursue opportunities and freedom of spirit and body elsewhere – their island utopia becomes their prison.

I’ve never seen people fleeing from western, free market capitalism to communist nations. But history has shown, time and time again, that people fled oppression at all costs, even at the cost of being shot while crossing through Checkpoint Charlie, crossing the border from oppression to freedom, from east to west, including fleeing a beautiful tropical island where buildings and streets are so deteriorated and dilapidated that they look like they have an insidious cancer dripping with decay. In a way they do, the terminal cancer is called totalitarian communism.

The intolerant and dishonest liberal media talking heads that commit journalistic malpractice by deliberately lying to the American public are just teleprompter readers who are verbally dancing on the graves of those who lost their lives at the hands of communist dictators like Fidel Castro. There is nothing worthy of acclaim about this man. He was not “awesome, great and inspiring.” Those are not the words to describe a Hitleresque sociopathic murderer.

All unethical western media praises for Castro’s regime are nothing but slaps in the faces of all Cuban Americans who have either lost family or had to leave their loved ones in the dead of night, sometimes not even saying good bye for fear that they may be discovered and arrested; they left with only the clothes on their backs, leaving their hard-earned possessions and wealth behind when this monster took power.

The media and public schools rarely discuss the “benevolent” dictator’s firing squads used to enforce compliance and discipline, to punish disloyalty, and to intimidate any possible opposition. Such “executions continued for decades.”

My Cuban friends, Alexis Maria E. and Silvio C. discern the reality of what Castro did to Cuba. I know exactly how it felt to flee your own country in search of freedom, to leave everything you’ve ever known and loved behind. Freedom has a very strong magnet and no man has the right to take lives and freedom away from others just because of divergent political opinions.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Greek Sponge Divers of Florida

“Give me a word and I will show you that it comes from Greek.”

-          Mr. Portokalis, character in “My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding”

Sponge diver with sponge in hand
Photo: Wikipedia
Having experienced the excruciating ear pain from failure to equalize the pressure change underwater, I am in awe of any scuba diver who goes underwater to explore the depths of our oceans or, as is the case of pearl divers, to find exquisite pearls that adorn rare and expensive jewels.

There are submersibles that operate at depths of 6,500 feet for scientific reasons, research and discovery.  A previously unknown life form, the sinking of famous ships, submarines, airplanes, ocean acidification from underwater volcanoes, marine life behavior, sharks, whales, and other creatures are explored and studied extensively at depths formerly off-limits to humans.

Pices V is such a submersible that can safely carry three people to depths that man cannot withstand. Even sperm whales’ lungs must collapse at such pressure in order to allow them to survive at 7,000 feet and lower, in their hunt for squid.

At sea level, we are comfortable at air pressure of 14.5 pounds per square inch. Our bodies do not react in any way because fluids push outwardly with the same force. But, when diving even a few feet, the pressure starts to be felt by our eardrums. The hydrostatic pressure, the force per unit area exerted by a liquid on a solid mass, grows with every 33 feet by 14.5 psi.

According to NOAA, deep down, the pressure is as much as “the weight of an elephant balanced on a postage stamp, or the equivalent of one person trying to support 50 jumbo jets.”

How do animals survive at such depths? They have more flexible bodies; ribs are connected with “loose, bendable cartilage, which allows the rib cage to collapse at pressures that would easily snap our bones.”

How then can pearl divers learn to cope with the underwater pressure, often without a suit? Some people need ear tubes to be able to withstand even a few feet of water pressure.

Long time ago, in 1932, a movie was made about the “sponge fisherman of the Aegean,” operating in Tarpon Springs, Florida, “a quaint colony” of Greek fishermen who had dived for generations to find the sponges that were used for “washing cars and little Johnny’s back.”

Sponge diving boat
Photo: Wikipedia
The divers were descendants of the Greeks who used to dive naked with a stone under their arms to fight buoyancy. Their group had established in Tarpon Springs eighty years prior to the making of this film. Flying both the American and the Greek flags, the fishermen showed their pride in America and in their own heritage.

The Rock Island sponge bars were the realm of these “fantastic living things we call sponges.” The creatures thrived on graveled ocean floors.

Diving in an air-compressed suit, the master diver required several men to help him suit up properly for the dangerous dive. It was such a treacherous profession; the young did not seek employment in this field. There was such a shortage of divers that old and skilled men were brought from Greece.

By current standards, diving was an infant technology in 1932.  The diver controlled the air pressure in his suit with his head by touching an air valve. He was tethered to the boat by an air hose and a life line and depended on his mates on board to pull him up if he started going down head first and could not right himself up.

At the depth of 100 ft., suited in his 570 lbs. behemoth that kept him alive and conscious, the diver had to walk against the current that was sure to bowl him over otherwise. Dragging his cast iron shoes, the diver filled his basket with live sponges of the sea. When the basket was full, he attached it to the life line, signaled to the surface, and they pull it up.

Photo: Wikipedia
The divers sought the sheep’s wool sponge (Spongia equina) found in Florida and in the West Indies. This variety was the more valuable but others were harvested as well.

The diver was not protected in any way from encounters with giant marine life on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. Barracudas and sharks were a primary danger but giant turtles, in excess of 2,000 lbs., could “bite off a man’s arm.”

After one hour of work, the scuba diver signaled to be pulled up to the surface. While floating helplessly on the surface, bobbing up and down, waiting to be pulled inside the boat, the diver was in danger of being attacked by barracudas.

Pulling his air hose in, the boaters towed the diver into the boat. The diver took his time surfacing, in order to adjust the pressure on his body. If he failed to do so, he suffered from the dreaded “bends.” Many divers became crippled and prematurely old from the “bends.”

Tarpon Springs, Florida
Photo: Wikipedia
Even though hyperbaric oxygenation treatment was tested and developed by the U.S. military after WWI and has been used safely since the 1930s to treat deep sea divers with decompression sickness, these sponge divers did not have such chambers to bring them back slowly and safely to atmospheric pressure.

The marine sponges were “cleared” off the live creature, leaving just its skeleton, the sought-after sponge people used. After a three-month journey, the sponge cargo was auctioned off at the Sponge Exchange after they were dried off on dock. A catch could be worth $90,000, with yearly revenue of one million dollars.

Little creatures that had burrowed themselves inside the sponges were hammered out. The larger sponges were cut into smaller ones while the workers sang the “Song of the Sponge Divers.”

And that is how real sponges arrived in fancy bath stores and were sold in beautiful packaging.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Greatest Generation of the South

Photo credit: Wikipedia
Ina Faye’s mother was a “pack-rat” who lived through the Great Depression. A child of seven brothers and sisters, they lived in dignified poverty, glad and thankful for hand-me-downs, clothes, apples, peas, okra, and whatever their neighbors could share in those difficult years. It was a hard-scrabble life but nobody complained much.

Ina Faye’s dad came from a well-off family. Even though he could give her mom whatever she wanted, mom still tended to hoard things. Dad was a farmer who owned a dairy, a milking machine, and even ran Charlet (Charolais) cows bred for beef.

Recycling grease in containers for later use, she would cleanse the grease with potatoes to prevent cross contamination of frying smells. Having brought her frugal ways into the marriage, she saved all the time and cut corners.

When she passed away, Ina Faye found yards and yards of string, old twine, boxes of saved aluminum foil, washed, dried, and neatly stored for future use, jars of buttons, tubs and tubs of Crisco shortening, used tin foil plates scrubbed clean, and batches of home-made lye soap for her husband to use after fertilizing the fields and working on farm equipment.

Ina Faye’s mom always stocked up on sale items and, since Southern ladies fried most of the things they cooked, Crisco shortening was a must pantry item to store in excess.

Old dresses and ragged shirts would be cut into strips and made into lovely quilts which Ina Faye still proudly displays in her Mississippi home. As it was the case then, mom always made clothes for her girls until high school. A terrific seamstress, she made dresses and aprons for herself and other females in the family, a must in the wardrobe of any Southern country woman at that time.

Hancock Fabrics made a good business selling sewing implements, from Singer sewing machines, to buttons, to thread, fabrics, yard sticks, and McCall’s dress patterns made of thin onion-skin beige paper.

Ina Faye found an entire cedar chest filled with fabrics her mom had purchased to make dresses for Cox’s army. The fragrant scent of cedar brought back instant memories when she opened the lid.

In the late 70s and early 80s, the tide started to turn and southern moms started shopping more and more for ready-made clothes in department stores and the fabric shops started to disappear. There are few left around the country, such a novelty that the younger generations do not understand.

An occasional downtown fabric shop in a small town always makes me stop to peruse the racks of fabrics. The smell of cotton dye, the wooden shelves, and polished floors bring back memories long forgotten. I too had sewn my own clothes and my babies’ little dresses in the late seventies and early eighties. Sewing was terrific therapy for the soul and it saved us so much money.

The Greatest Generation learned to scrimp and save, using everything up until it could no longer be fixed and it had to be recycled. An appliance, a tractor, a vehicle, a stove, or anything with a motor, was fixed and reused until it fell apart. And even then, it was recycled or scavenged for parts. Nobody liked to buy on credit; they saved until they had enough money to buy what they needed.

And then, there were Green Stamps given at the grocery store each time a purchase was made. Women filled books of them and bought kitchen items and small appliances. It was so exciting to fill a new book, that much closer to a can opener, an electric frying pan, or a set of dinner plates.

Amway and Tupperware became popular among country folk. Families would have parties, selling vitamins, soap, farm surfactant, and plastic storage containers from Tupperware. There were few families in the South who did not have a Tupperware party and kept their rice, flour, tea, sugar, and other ingredients in classic orange Tupperware containers. My girls played with a Tupperware red and blue puzzle ball with different geometrical yellow shapes that had to be fitted through proper slots.

Everything people ate was produced on the farm. On a special day, dad would take the children to town for a cold cola in a glass bottle, taken out of the grocery store cooler or on a trip to the downtown Rexall Drugs counter where they served cola floats from a real fountain. When the children finished their drinks, dad would return the empty glass bottles to the store owner for a 5 cents refund per drink.

Ina Faye’s parents never bought them candy because mom would parch peanuts grown on the farm and would make chocolate fudge with the peanuts; on weekends, while they played games with friends, they had delicious treats. Her cakes and fried chicken from scratch were “second to none.”

It was a simpler life, close to home and to the country that revolved around church, a life that the children of today will never get to experience. It was much safer, closer to church on Sunday morning, evening, and on Wednesdays. Few girls were sexually active, it was something people did not do, it was immoral and dishonorable, and guys did not expect girls to “put out.” There was intense shame attached to such loose morals, and children were taught right from wrong. Most kids did not get into drugs, there was no Hollywood telling them that anything goes.

Ina Faye’s dad was highly respected in the community and knew most people in the area. He was the Justice of Peace for many years and a good friend of the Sheriff who lived up the road from his home. Her dad would sometimes hold court in their living room and a few couples were married on their front porch.

It was a life from another century when family, church, citizenship, hard work, and morals mattered. It was the 20th century generation of Americans that had made America great.



Friday, November 25, 2016

Marital Advice from My Grandma's Era

Photo: Wikipedia
I found an interesting old book that my Grandma, in her youth, would have been familiar with, which described the qualities of a good wife. Was there a magical formula for a long and happy marriage? In an era when arranged marriages were the norm, the consensus was that marriage was a “lottery," you either won it or you didn’t.*

Seventy years ago, this was the “practical” advice married women gave to those engaged to be married:

1.       Defend and respect one another.

2.       Don’t wear the same dress every day; change it with a bow, a belt, a new collar, a colorful scarf, or a ribbon.

3.       If you use face cream, don’t let him see you.

4.       Do not wear droopy nylons because husbands seem to have an aversion to them.

5.       Never gargle in front of him and never wear house shoes - they are too unattractive.

6.       Never serve him coffee without first combing your hair.

7.       Never talk to him until after he’s had his first cup of coffee.

8.       Don’t bother him or talk to him when he shaves. Shaving and dressing are a ritual which men like to do alone without verbal interruption.

9.       Don’t talk to him when he reads the paper and make sure his ashtray is close by. I think the Marlboro Man would have been proud of this one.

10.   Pretend to listen intently when he shares things he likes, even though they may bore you to death.

11.   Learn to cook what he likes but also what you like.

12.   Improvise fun things to do at home and always smile as if you were in public, never show anger or displeasure to him, only a happy face.

13.   Once a week, allow him to have time with his buddies as if he were single.  Don’t ask him where he goes; he will tell you when he comes back.

14.   If he has a passion, such as collecting stamps or listening to certain shows on the radio, encourage it and engage him in conversation about it.

15.   When he makes a mistake and talks about it, don’t criticize him because he may never tell you again when he makes the next mistake.

16.   Don’t be sick too often, men don’t like sickly women.

17.   When he exalts the virtues of other women, don’t get upset; he is probably doing it because he knows you are missing that virtue.

18.   When he comes home every night, give him the impression that you waited on him with love all day.

19.   Don’t talk on the phone with your family when he is at home; do that when he is at the office.

20.   Get ready for the theater half an hour before departure time – men don’t like to be late for anything.

21.   Don’t bother him with your daily housewife problems or kids when he comes back tired from the office. Have supper ready and leave him alone.

22.   Never accept dinner or party invitations without first consulting with him. He has to approve first before you RSVP.

23.   Be ready to fix whatever wardrobe item requires attention.

24.   Never, ever clean his desk or even touch it.

25.   Never give up your profession or your trade. There may come a time when the kids are gone and you will be all alone in the house, a wife without a compass.

26.   Don’t forget your old friends but create new ones in your husband’s circles.

27.   For every man, his job is his first love. The love for you is secondary. Don’t ask him all the time if he loves you. Don’t tell him you hate him when you have arguments.

28.   For women, love comes in first place while a job comes in secondary.

29.   Don’t try to give him advice all the time; he does not want to hear it.

30.   Don’t talk about money because he does not like to hear it. If you need something important or valuable, manipulate his vanity and pride.

31.   Don’t force him to have relationships with families you like.

32.   Don’t speak ill of his relatives as it is almost sure that your relatives are just as bad.

33.   Help him with well-placed hints as to what presents you wish him to buy for you.

34.   Say yes to everything but then do what you want later. Never tell him no.

Last but not least, women warned that marriage was not a subscription to eternal love. Life, even without “rosy illusions,” could be colorful enough.

*The Code of a Good Wife (pp. 24-27)



Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Progressives Are Not Giving Up, the War Rages On

There is some hope for America as the dark cloud of global communism has temporarily dissipated. We won this battle but the war rages on with a vengeance. The Democrat coffers are full and young people are bought and duped with ease. The New World Order, the communist insurgency, is almost complete.

The Democrat left is now going after the Electoral College members to change their votes from their state’s winner, Donald Trump, to the Democrat loser. Their campaign of intimidation, threats, paid rioters, and fake outrage coming from liberal, anti-American campuses, is supported non-stop by the MSM rhetoric of hate and division and Hollywood turned bad role-model know-it-alls.

Progressives know that this is the only way, to beat citizens down until they agree to elect presidents by popular vote. When they do, the communists will have succeeded in permanently altering elections in the U.S. The over-populated Democrat coastal states will forever determine the elections, the rest of the country will become irrelevant, and globalists will rule.

“The West has won the Cold War but there is now more communism in the West than ever before.” The Americans’ idea of fighting global communism is sporting popular license plates with the Gadsden flag, “Don’t tread on me,”and “Coexist” bumper stickers.

Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, stated in a recent article,

“They know full well that they aren’t going to overturn the election. These privately-funded forces are being used to create pressure to destroy the Electoral College so they won’t have to deal with it next election. This is how the Left operates. Make a big deal over here to force the hidden agenda over there. The plan is to make enough trouble that Congress will move to abolish the EC to get some peace.”

And who is behind this effort? In DeWeese’s opinion, “One only has to watch to see which member of Congress proposes such action. The answer of course is California Senator Barbara Boxer. It only took a week after the election for her to come to the rescue of the broken and distraught Left.”

A large and diverse crowd at the Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio, witnessed the U.S. citizenship ceremony presided by the federal Judge, John Primomo. The federal Judge took the opportunity to scold the newly-minted American citizens, who have taken an oath of allegiance under one flag, that Donald Trump is their President Elect.

“I can assure you that whether you voted for him or you did not vote for him, if you are a citizen of the United States, he is your president. He will be your president and if you do not like that, you need to go to another country.”

He criticized the protesters who shout disrespectfully and carry signs that read, “He is not my president.” Judge Primomo also condemned athletes who bend a knee during the national anthem.

“I detest that, because you can protest things that happen in this country; you have every right to. You don’t do that by offending national symbols like the national anthem and the flag of the United States.”

The federal magistrate judge for the Western District of Texas was promptly suspended because he offended leftist sensibilities. The federal district judges in San Antonio “have determined that he will no longer be handling citizenship ceremonies, and the judges are meeting with him to see how this matter can be resolved and concluded.”

Americans are the luckiest people on the planet yet the paid anarchists came out for $15 an hour to say that America was never great, that we are a racist and intolerant country. If that is the case why are people around the world flocking to America? Are they doing it for the generous welfare system?

What is wrong with these misguided Americans? Have they ever traveled to an intolerant totalitarian regime that kills and stones women to death and pushes gays off buildings? Have they had to do without food, a place to live, without their beloved smart devices, without their automobiles, without abundant grocery stores filled with food to the brim, without toilet paper, without medical care, drugs, hospitals, and a clean bed? Were they stopped for I.D. checks, arrested, beaten, tortured? Do they understand how lucky they are to have been born in the one country that has been the envy of the world, the country they are so eager to destroy?

We keep hearing from this administration and the left, “This is not the American way, this is not who we are.” What is the American way? Is the American way what progressives decide? Is the American way what globalists, the Islamists, and the gay lobby decide? If we disagree with them, and we do, they are going to ram the leftist communist ideology down our throats. If we protest, we are racists, islamophobes, bigots, homophobes, and all the other words the suffix “phobe” can be attached to. The Islamophiles and Marxist media continue their indoctrination of the silent masses and of the youth.

America embraces gays, tolerates the burning of our flag, the desecration of tombs and cemeteries, of historical monuments, tolerates moronic athletes who talk about racism when they live in multi-million dollar homes and are raised by white people, tolerates leftist college students who are so brainwashed and scared of their own shadow, they need a safe space away from reality.

America is so tolerant that they give degrees to people who should have never been given admission to a college, socially promotes people based on the color of their skin, not necessarily on their achievement or merit because we have quotas.

America is so tolerant, it’s being invaded by outsiders who don’t want to become Americans; they want to destroy America. Americans open their homes, their hearts, and their pocketbooks and they put these invaders on welfare while their own veterans die waiting to be cared for in VA hospitals. Veterans live modestly on insufficient pensions while illegals receive larger paychecks the moment they set foot on our soil.

Americans are so tolerant that they turn a blind eye and deaf ears to the race baiting coming non-stop from this administration, to the murder of police, to the destructive paid rioting that has only one goal in mind, to replace our constitutional republic’s electoral process with the popular vote driven by mob rule.

Americans turn a blind eye to the invasion from our southern border, to the Reconquista sanctioned by La Raza who believes America is rightfully theirs.

America is so tolerant that we give nukes and billions in aid to countries that are sponsors of terrorism, to countries that hate Americans and wish us harm, to countries that kidnap our citizens. Americans protect the ungrateful Europeans who snub our culture and demonstrate a disdain, hatred, and anti-Americanism never before exhibited.

Americans are so tolerant that we allowed our public schools to become indoctrination farms into global communism with the help of Common Core, the Department of Education, and the vaunted collegiate academia. Their pupils are now among those who are pushing for “forward,” “hope and change,” “fundamental transformation,” “social justice,” impossible “equality,” and replacing our Constitutional Republic with a “democracy” ruled by anarchists. As such, the Electoral College, an important element of our republic, must be destroyed, no more checks and balances.

There is more hate, intolerance, disinformation, and lies coming from the progressive left than we can possibly quantify in a lifetime. Until we change the entire education system back to patriotic American values, citizenship, culture, borders, family, freedom of faith, and accurate American history, we are not going to win the war against the globalists.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Our Disposable Society

Photo: Ileana Johnson
In our throwaway society, where nothing is sacred anymore and is discarded with the speed of an unwanted darkening banana peel or a lit cigarette butt out the window of a moving car, the miser in me keeps coming out periodically.

Animals, love, life, family, relationships, marriages, appliances, trash, things recyclable, valuables, and trash are thrown out or disposed of mostly on purpose with no remorse and with a faster speed than you can say “I do.”

I sheepishly admit that I was washing Styrofoam containers and plastic forks from McDonald’s back in 1978. Why throw away perfectly reusable items, I thought, when I just landed from the land of poverty, misery, and long lines for food? We had rusty flatware on our table and chipped mismatched plates. My Grandpa used to wash her plates in a little tub of hot water boiled on the gas stove. And sometimes they still had dried food stuck to them from the previous meal. I tried to scrape it off and wipe it with a towel when she was not watching. I could not afford to be choosy or hurt her feelings.

My husband at the time made fun of my miser side because he could not possibly understand even though he visited my childhood home. No matter how many times he took me to the grocery store to see the laden shelves of abundance, my miser inner self could not comprehend so much food and I was certain, it would be gone the next day.

To this day, I wonder when we might have to be without food, water, and electricity, or things that everyone takes for granted, like toilet paper and vitamins. So I used to go from room to room and turn the lights off that my husband had left on and I still do today. Why waste energy? What if we had to be in the dark again like we were often under the socialist/communist regime that planned enough for them while the rest of us had to struggle hungry, cold, and in the dark after sunset?

I recycle today every piece of paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum that crosses my kitchen and my pantry. I even cut the plastic circles that hold bottles in place for fear that some wild animal might get stuck in them if the plastic winds up in a dumpster.

It pains me greatly and I do not understand how someone can throw a live human being or puppy tied in a garbage bag on the side of a deserted road, miles and miles away from a city, and leaves them there like trash, to suffocate and die? Isn’t the way we treat our helpless, animals, children, and old people, an indication of how civilized our society is?

We discard aborted fetuses, humans who are perfect and want to live because progressive society views that as a “choice.” We dump the elderly in nursing homes and seldom visit them. We depend on strangers to be good to them. We visit at holidays out of sheer guilt. There’s an influx of visitors at the nursing home around holidays, I suppose they don’t want to be left out of grandma or grandpa’s will.

We dispose of marriage quicker than we planned the lavish weddings – we get divorced at the drop of a hat. Nobody tries hard to get along anymore; everyone seeks instant gratification and personal happiness. If you ask, nobody is able to give a cohesive definition of what that personal happiness is. But rest assured, it revolves around the “me, myself, and I.”

The “selfish-me generation” throws away everything that is old, including their country, their citizenship, their culture, and their Constitution. Anything they do not understand but has been drilled into their heads by socialist teachers as evil must be discarded. If it is repeated enough times, it becomes their “social justice and equality” playbook.

We discard and abandon children to foster care like a used-up toy because we are too busy or too unable to care for our own offspring.

We euthanize those among us we do not wish to bother with anymore, and we abort the result of loveless hookups because nobody wants to be inconvenienced by a human breathing inside them.

We dump our friends on a whim – they just don’t share the same politics and ideology of the moment and are therefore no good. People we disagree with are suddenly poisonous snakes.

Yet grown Americans keep that one collegiate t-shirt from years ago, with holes everywhere, or that ratty disintegrating blanket one used to drag around for comfort as a toddler, or a favorite dog’s or cat’s toy. Those are holy objects that cannot be thrown away.

We keep that first car, often on cinder blocks, rusted out, and covered with weeds, spiders, and cobwebs. Sometimes rabbits, coons, and the occasional rattlesnake make their nests inside.

We keep that old moldy dresser that belonged to great-grandma because it’s an antique and it might be really valuable someday and fetch a big penny at auction.

We could feed an entire small country daily with the amount of food thrown away in locked dumpsters around the country, perhaps composted, incinerated, or buried later in the landfill.

Beautiful books of wisdom are recycled or buried all the time, in the drive to become a paperless society and to save the trees and the planet from progressive Armageddon. Who has time to read and learn something useful when there is the Internet?

Electronics are discarded as well, perhaps recycled and some buried in the city landfill. Valuable metals, plastics, and glass tubes get buried with them as well.

We throwaway a perfectly running TV that nobody wants in order to make room for a flat screen and top of the line smart TV, so smart, it can report anything you do to the mother ship.

And nobody has landline rotary dial or key punch phones anymore. They worked even when power went out. Those are dinosaurs, thrown away long time ago with the trash, not even recycled. They are buried somewhere in the city dump. When the smart grid goes out and it will eventually do, nobody will have a phone to communicate and answer that 3 a.m. call.

This disposable society mirrors the trashing of our culture in general, of our borders, our language, and our national identity. “We went through darkness so you can find the light." Why are you extinguishing it?


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Character of a Nation and Precious Snowflakes

Arlington National Cemetery
Photo: Ileana Johnson
A lot can happen to a nation’s soul, heart, and character in 70 years. In 1944, eighteen-year olds stormed the beaches in Normandy, embracing almost certain death; eighteen-year olds today need a safe space on campuses to cry or cower in fear because words hurt their precious snowflake feelings.

This fundamental change of the American character was accelerated by the Marxist indoctrination facilitated by Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education, founded in 1979.

The cultural demise exploded with help from academia who brainwashed our children into collectivism, from Hollywood’s culture of depravity, from its promotion of drugs, by progressive agendas entirely divergent from the best interests of a healthy and prosperous society, by sexual promiscuity, abortion presented as a choice when it is really murdering human beings as late as four days before live birth, the loss of faith, and by the destruction of the family unit.

The drugged up generations of today have no knowledge of Civics and therefore believe that democracy, a fancy notion of mob rule and anarchy, represents our country. In reality, our Constitutional Republic was founded on entirely different principles which are alien to these mentally insane progressives, useful idiots of global elites, who manipulate them like a fine-tuned violin to do their bidding in the form of riots, slashing and burning their way across our cities while this administration remains silent and the police is told to stand down.

Almost six million men served in WWI and 16 million in WWII. I’m not sure how many WWII vets are still alive, their numbers dwindle with each passing day. American soldiers served our country to preserve our freedom and the freedom of many nations and “our good and decent way of life.”

But today, our society is a corrupt cesspool of vile and immoral entertainment on every possible venue. Music and movies are laced with profanity and women are degraded in rap songs. Singers objectify themselves by imitating sexual acts on stage, scantily clad. Everything goes as long as it feels good.

Proper behavior, honesty, and law abiding citizens are denigrated. Rap and the worst elements of society are worshipped and invited to the White House and celebrated. Immorality and sexual promiscuity is rampant among high school students. Administrators in public schools and colleges have mandated that boys should use the same bathrooms and locker rooms as girls, inviting rapists and pedophiles into our schools. The majority must yield to the sexual confusion and psychological illness of the few.

The average student does not think twice about having multiple “loveless hookups” by the time they graduate. Sexually transmitted diseases, rapes, and unwanted pregnancies happen all the time. After all, the courts have ruled that it is the woman’s choice and her body; they can legally kill their babies conceived in “loveless hookups.”

Profanity rules in Hollywood, on radio, in normal conversations, and in young progressive crowds that are up-to-date on who the latest “reality nobody” is, but don’t understand the Socialists of the Democrat left whom they adore and whose polices they support – collectivist social justice and impossible equality.

Thousands of innocent babies are slaughtered in the womb every day but none of these leftists bat an eye. They only get upset that Donald Trump might take away their “choice” to murder a human being who wants to live.

Those who are lucky to be born are anchor babies from foreign citizens and babies of those Americans who are married and believe in the sanctity of life and family.  A large percentage of black mothers are “married” to Daddy Government and its life-long welfare and many fatherless children end up in gangs, on drugs, and in prison.

The birth demographics of citizens in most developed nations are on a civilization-suicide downward spiraling curve. Young women prefer to push carriages with dogs and cats instead of babies.

Marriage has been bastardized and made irrelevant by our government and the gay lobby has embarked on aggressive tactics to bankrupt and punish those whose religious views reject homosexual marriage.

The rabid and intolerant left has freedom of speech which they exercise violently through riots, assaults, beatings, and property destruction, but they want to destroy anybody else’s rights who disagree with them.

Dr. David Sponseller asked rhetorically in a recent letter on Veterans Day, “Would our soldiers, sailors, and airmen have been so willing to face possible death or crippling injury in combat, knowing that such a cultural way of life were in their future if/when they got back home? I rather doubt it. Rather, they must be rolling over in their graves now at the knowledge of how far the culture has collapsed.”

A gay person, whom I have known a long time, has publicly wished that Trump would deport me back to my home country. I have been a naturalized American citizen longer than this person has been alive. I was lucky to come to this country legally and I am proud of the opportunities it gave me to become everything I could not have become in the socialist/communist dictatorship I was born under.

Not letting truth get in their way, the intolerant progressives and the gay lobby are projecting their fascistic beliefs onto the one man that just might make everybody’s lives better now and in the future.

It seems that the left does not understand that in our Constitutional Republic the Electoral College plays an important role in elections. If the popular vote was the sole benchmark of elections, the overpopulated states bordering oceans would be the only ones in which American citizens and illegal aliens would get to elect our president, the rest of the country would have no voice. Hillary won the popular vote against her opponent, Barack Obama, but he was elected president. Somehow, it was fine then, but not now with Donald Trump.

The outlook for our country was dismal when the progressive candidate was promising more of the same immoral lifestyle, exalting abortion, and seeking to radicalize the Supreme Court for probably 50 years through liberal appointments. “A godless, secular culture so far gone would have been impossible to recover.”

“The winner gave us hope and satisfaction that the 22 million who have fought in WWI and WWII did not fight in vain.”  Dr. David Sponseller continued, “Millions of Christians stormed Heaven’s gates before the election. The Lord heard the prayers of God-fearing citizens and answered us with the most astounding political miracle in memory. He gave us a president-elect that will appoint judges respecting life, marriage, and the freedom of religion once again. He gave us hope for stemming the cultural decay and restoring our once-great country in the decades ahead.”

We must be vigilant. The rabidly progressive left is highly organized, with money to burn. The globalist coffers are never-ending. The progressive elites are not accepting this or any defeat graciously, they are massively financing the country-wide violent rioting which nobody seems interested in stopping; they are going to undermine Trump at every turn, along with the RINOs in Congress.